Massage by Sharie offers a variety of services, from Hot Rocks to Prenatal / Pregnancy massages. Each is aimed at providing maximum comfort, relaxation, and stress relief. For whatever the ache, Sharie has a massage for you!

Hot Rocks Massage

Swedish / Relaxation Massage

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Massage

Thai Massage

Corporate Chair Massage

Prenatal / Pregnancy Massage


30 Minute Massage50 

60 Minute Massage                                        85

90 Minute Massage120 

2 Hour Massage150

60 Minute Hot Rocks Massage105

90 Minute Hot Rocks Massage140

Deep Hot Rocks Massage (2 hour)              170


Aromatherapy – – – 10

A specific blend of essential oils to make your body feel better

Fascial Gun – – – 10

Alleviates muscle stiffness and soreness and enhances blood circulation

Hand Scrub – – – 10

Enjoy a nice exfoliation on your hands  at the end of the massage

Anti-Cellulite Leg Scrub — 20

Enjoy a nice exfoliation on your legs to help get rid of cellulite at the end of your massage

Wellness Therapy – – – 10

Quality CBD oil added to the lotion to help your body feel better with aches and pains

Back Scrub – – – 20

Enjoy a nice exfoliation on your back at the end of the massage

Foot Scrub – – – 10

Enjoy a nice exfoliation on your feet at the end of the massage

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